We saw a beautiful potential . . . 

 . . we love it here, so we think others will too

Founded in 2019 by life and art co-creators Tracy Liz Miller and Kent Burnham, the mission and vision supports artists in all stages of their careers with time, space, and resources in which to explore theatre-making in various approaches and aspects. Our family quickly fell in love with living and working here, and believed others would love it too.


Choosing the Artistic Life. Being theatre-makers and educators, Tracy and Kent have a deep appreciation for the various stages of artists' personal and professional journeys. The often risky but incredibly fulfilling lifestyle centered around theatre creation can lead to choices that can often seem daunting. Finding a place that can be both a respite from the everyday stresses as well as a boon for creativity is not only a balm to the soul but a tremendously powerful tool for change.


Parent/Caretaker Advocacy. Pawling Theatre Exchange is honored to be partnering with PAAL, Parent-Artist Advocacy League, from our inception. The vision is to include all artists in whatever stages of their lives, including caretakers of other family members, allowing for their artistic lives to continue while they maintain the deep familial human connections within their chosen family structure. We welcome an ongoing dialogue about each artist's unique familial situation and hope to work towards honoring their needs. For more information on PAAL, please see their website https://paaltheatre.com. For questions about arrangements for your time at PTE, please email Tracy at tracylizpte@gmail.com.

Intersectional Inclusion. Recognizing our own privilege as white, cis-gender, straight persons, we aim to be allies to those that have suffered for lack of opportunity. We aim to give experiences to those that may have experienced systemic oppression as challenges to their success. And we envision a learning environment for all, with a diverse offering of programming from a diverse offering of voices. PTE exists on the fully-accessible campus of Trinity-Pawling School.

Life-Long Learning. As committed educators, PTE will invest in the "Young Company", bringing talented and exceptionally focused emerging theatre makers together to explore deepening their skills in their craft, broadening their scope of what it is to be an artist, connecting them with generations ahead of them, and surrounding them with the development of new work. We also recognize that seasoned artists have much to teach, but may have not yet had the opportunity to share of themselves and to develop their own unique voice as an educator. With this in mind, professional artists-in-residence are integrated into the teaching schedule and will be mentored in their process of curriculum development and best practices. 

A Special Place Away. Pawling Theatre Exchange, and the artists we invite to come, aim to be excellent stewards of the buildings and grounds of the Trinity-Pawling School and strive to exist harmoniously with those that live and work on the beautiful campus in Pawling, New York. Our vision is to become an exciting infusion into the community of Pawling and the lower Hudson Valley and to develop lasting relationships with the residents and businesses that we co-exist with, even if for only a brief moment.

PAWLING THEATRE EXCHANGE is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Pawling Theatre Exchange must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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With Gratitude

Partners in life and often in art, Tracy Liz Miller and Kent Burnham focus their lives around their family, friends, artistic endeavors, educating, life-long learning, appreciation of the natural environment, and community. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the Trinity-Pawling School and those that live and work on the campus.

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