June 2019 Inaugural Season

New Work 

Crush the Serpent

By Stuart Warmflash

Directed by Shellen Lubin

Friday, June 14, 8 pm

Gardiner Theatre


War Orphan

By Shellen Lubin

Directed by Tracy Liz Miller

Saturday, June 15, 1 pm

Gardiner Theatre



Saturday, June 15, 6-8 pm

Gardiner Theatre

All welcome



By Laura Thoma

Directed by Matt Andrews

Sunday, June 16, 2 pm

Gardiner Theatre

The Coop

Femme Covert (working title)

Directed by James Dean Palmer

Starring Patricia Black

Sunday, June 16, 5 pm


Game On, Game Off

By Laurelann Porter and Mike Anderson

Directed by Brenny Rabine

Tuesday, June 18, 8 pm

Gardiner Theatre

Neutral Chaos Stage Combat Adjudicated Scenes

Friday, June 21, 11:30 am

Field House Wrestling Room



By Peter Macklin

Directed by Brian Gillespie

Saturday, June 22, 6 pm

Alumni Room, Smith Field House

Open Workshop

With Hudson Valley Performing Arts Laboratory

Sunday, June 23,  11am-1 pm

Alumni Room, Smith Field House




By Heidi Armbruster

Directed by Kent Burnham

Sunday, June 23, 2 pm

Alumni Room, Smith Field House