Staying at PTE

Artists in residence at PTE are the heart of our programs! Here is some general information, and don't hesitate to email us with any questions. Only after you read this page. :-)

Basic cost per person:  $75/night room and board   

This fee does not include workshop tuition

Age requirement: All resident artists must be 18 years or older.

Printing services are available on campus. We strive to operate as "green" as possible and ask playwrights, ensembles, and anyone needing printing services to be mindful of how much paper we use.

Arrival and Departure:

Times are flexible, but we encourage artists to arrive between 3-6 pm the night before your program begins. This will allow you time to get acquainted with the campus, move your self into your room, and enjoy dinner the evening you arrive. Times are flexible, but artists are encouraged to leave at the culmination of their program either that day or the next morning if programming goes late. Additional charges may incur for late departures. Please clear out your room completely upon leaving.


Each artist is given a single dorm room that includes a twin-size bed, a desk, chair, lamp, closet, and chest of drawers. Artists are encouraged to bring their own twin bedding and towels. Please email us if you are needing bedding or additional supplies.

Common shared bathrooms with toilets, sinks, and showers are located down the hall. We encourage artists to bring a robe for comfort and modesty.

Couples: please let us know if you'd like to share a room.

Families: Please email us so we can discuss what you will need. Separate bedrooms are available for children and/or caregivers when requested.



A coffee maker and coffee are supplied in the common room. Residents are encouraged to make coffee for all to share daily and a sharing of this minor duty is encouraged. There is limited fridge space for creamers, etc. and we will have some coolers available to be used by residents.

Most meals provided on campus will be simple yet nourishing to keep costs low for all. Some special events may be included in the schedule as well as some meals left open, giving residents an opportunity to explore area eateries. Local grocery store runs can be arranged.

Meals are included in the cost of $75 per person per night.

Grants and scholarships are not currently available, but we aim to have them in the future.

Please email us with any food accommodations: or


Local  laundromats are close by in the center of Pawling.

What to Bring:

  • You must bring your own bedding, pillows, and towels or arrange ahead of time to ensure availability. All beds are twin size.

  • Warm clothing. It can get cold here, even in the summer.

  • Cool clothing. It also gets hot!

  • Rain gear. It also gets wet!

  • Sunscreen, bug spray, aloe gel, sun hat

  • Props, costumes, music, scripts, etc. that you want to work with at your workshop.

  • Your instructor will inform you of any particular items you should bring for your specific workshop.

  • We recommend bringing flip-flops or sandals for indoors and a good pair of walking shoes for enjoying the outdoors.

  • A flashlight

  • Your favorite non-perishable snacks

  • A portable outdoor chair for around the fire pit and other outdoor locales

  • There is wi-fi available throughout campus and you may consider bringing a lap-top computer.

  • Please contact us about our pet policy

Dorm hours:  Be quiet, be kind, bring a headset

There will be various programs overlapping with different schedules. Some artists thrive by staying up late and working long hours into the night. Others may wish to greet the morning sunrise, sipping their coffee while working on promised pages from the rehearsal the day before. And some may be here with their kids, hoping to get them to bed and keep them asleep after a long day of playing on campus. Honor all of these potential schedules and we should happily co-exist. With that in mind, quiet hours on the dorm are generally 9 pm to 7 am. Common areas and the fire pit are great places to socialize at night, allowing for peace and quiet in the individual rooms. 

Please take special care and clean up after yourselves in all shared spaces. 

Area Offerings

The lower Hudson Valley surrounding the village of Pawling is a beautiful place to be in the month of June. The campus is spacious and green and offers a peaceful rural setting a short train ride or drive from NYC. Residents have access to state-of-the-art cardio and weight-training facilities, tennis courts, outdoor track, a kids playground, a pond (swim at your own risk) and the entire campus is surrounded by woodlands. We are a short drive from the Appalachian Trail and other exceptional day hikes, horseback riding, kayaking and canoeing, and road biking. Hudson Valley Shakespeare is a 45 minute drive as well as various outdoor concert venues, food and beer festivals, and great restaurants in Pawling and neighboring towns. 

Mosquitoes, Ticks, Woodland Creatures

The Hudson Valley is ground zero for ticks. It is highly recommended that all do frequent tick checks of body and clothing. Yes, there are mosquitoes. The usual harmless birds, squirrels and chipmunks are on campus, but deer, raccoons, skunks, and the occasional bear have been known to make their appearance on campus. It's the country! Full-time faculty, staff, and their families also live on campus, but they are not dangerous and may offer you a beer if you are not careful.

Email us with any questions at or