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Pawling Theatre Exchange is proud to host Theatrical Intimacy Education, giving the opportunity for more theatre practitioners to learn invaluable skills that positively affect change in the industry. 

June 19, 20, and 21, 2020

Workshop + Private Room + Meals= $525

Workshop + Shared Room + Meals= $495

Workshop + Meals= $465

This workshop will offer tools for dealing with in-class teaching/in-rehearsal coaching and student/actor preparation for scene work that contains intimate content. This workshop will also provide vocabulary for choreographing intimacy along with a practical component. The workshop will include exercises and discussion on healthy consent, boundary establishment, best rehearsal protocols and healthy strategies for communicating concerns. Participants will be guided in how to recognize moments of conflict and how to resolve those moments in a positive, productive manner. Learn strategies for casting, creating a safe and creative environment, formulating documentation, and following union protocols and policies. In this workshop, participants will be empowered with tools and knowledge for applying this work to their practices.

The workshop begins Friday, June 19 at 2pm and concludes Sunday, June 21 at 1pm.